Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday September 24, 2015 Sports Picks

Hello Everyone!  I haven't posted for a while but I thought I would check in with all my loyal and dedicated followers.  I think there are a lot of really great opportunities tonight and I have some picks to share.  Here we go:


Washington Redskins +3.5 2.5 units
- The Skins have a very good run game right now and the Giants are poorly coached.  I think the Giants have more talent but the Skins are better coached so I'll take the Redskins all day in this one on short rest. 


CWS -101 ML 3 Units
If Chris Sale is pitching you want to be in on this game. He is a big time pitcher who thrives in situations like this.  Chicago wins this one. 

Mets -160 2 Units
This guy Matz is the real deal and he goes against a team that doesn't really care at this point pitching a guy who has a 7.71 ERA.  Go Mets in this one. 

Giants -160 3 Units
Mad Bum is pitching.  This is his time of year and he won't disappoint tonight. 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday February 11, 2015 Sports Picks

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.  I've been feeling the winter blues lately and now that football is over we have a slow time of year for sports.  However, NBA and NCAA basketball tend to be my most successful sports.  I don't bet anymore but I do want to give my insight on what I would do if I were betting.  For tonight I would go with the following bet:

Golden St / Milwaukee NBA Parlay -250 $100 to win $40
- The odds aren't great with this parlay but I haven't seen too many locks like this. Golden St is the best team in the NBA with, in my opinion, the best shooter of all time history!  The Twolves will get killed on their home court in this one.  Milwaukee is 14-10 at home this season and 8-2 over their last 10 games.  They are hot right now and playing a Sacramento team that is just 2-8 over their last 10 and just 7-16 on the road.  This is an easy parly and I would be shocked if it doesn't hit.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Novemeber 23rd Sports Picks

Here are my picks today:

Packers -7.5
Browns +3
Eagles -12
Colts -13.5
Broncos -6.5
Cardinals +7.5


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday November 22, 2014 Sport Picks

Not a lot of interesting matchups this week but there are some opportunities at hand.  Here are some of my favorite picks this week"

OH St -34.5
- The Buckeyes need convincing wins if they have a chance at the top 4.  They have a very good offense and will be putting up a lot of points against lowly Indiana. 

Marshall -18.5 vs.  UAB
- I just had a vision last night that Marshall was going to blow out UAB.  They win by 35 in this one.

Nebraska -8.5 vs. MN
- I know this might not be a popular pick and the Gophers are playing well lately.  However, the Corn Huskers are so hard to beat at home and the crowd will be rocking.  The Gophers just don't have the fire power to keep this game within 10.

South Carolina -23.5 vs. South Alabama
- SC is not looking past this game and no paper they should win by 35 or more.  They are in the SEC for Pete's sake!  Plus they are home against an inferior team who hasn't impressed at all this year.

Michigan St -24 vs. Rutgers
- The Spartans are coming off a disappointing win last week and will want to show the country that they are for real.  I really like Michigan State's QB and their defense.  42-14 Spartans

AZ ST -14.5 vs. Washington St
- Arizona St is back home where they are much more comfortable.  Last week they lost at Oregon St but I partially blame that loss on the cold weather where AZ St is just not used to.  This spread should be closer to 21 or 24 in my opinion as Washington St doesn't play defense. 

Kansas +25 at Oklahoma
- Kansas has played well over their last two games and almost pulled the upset against TCU.  They smoked IA St by 20 two weeks ago.  However, both of these games were at home so I'm a bit nervous taking them at +25 on the road.  However, Oklahoma has had trouble blowing teams out.

IA +10 vs. Wisconsin
- It is hard to win in Iowa and Wisconsin is coming off a huge home win against Nebraska.  This is still a very important game but I see this game being close with both defenses coming to play. 

Notre Dame -3 vs. Louisville
- I really like Notre Dame in this spot.  They will be pissed after losing to Northwestern in front of their home crowd.  They will want to give their fans something to be happy about today.  This is still a really good team people.

I'll post a few more games later so check back.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday November 18, 2014 Sport Picks

Today isn't the most exciting of days for sports but I am seeing some good opportunities to make a little coin.  Here are some of my plays tonight:

UMass +7.5
- UMass at Akron tonight in a game I will not be watching.  However, UMass has been playing well of late.  They are coming off a nice little 24-10 win against Ball State. Before that they won two straight before playing a good Toledo team tough on the road losing by 7.  Akron is a mess right now and if you don't know it, they suck.  They have been getting smoked over their last three games.  Last week they got just killed against a really bad Buffalo team.

Northern Illinois -2
- This game is a little harder to pick but I like the 8-2 Huskies to stay on a roll vs. Ohio.  They have found a way to win lately, winning four straight.  They aren't flashy but they get the job done.  Ohio is inconsistent at best.    They beat Buffalo last week.  Whoop-de-do! 

Atlanta Hawks ML parlayed with anyone.  Lakers suck this year.  Yes, they will win a few games but not on the road against a good home team like Atlanta

Milwaukee Bucks -2
- The Knicks have struggled this year and Milwaukee isn't too bad and they are home.  Small wager on this. 

New Orleans vs. Sacramento OVER 201.5
- I feel really strong about this game on the over.  New Orleans is playing at a high level and as a team they are averaging 104.2 points per game.  Sacramento is also much improved this year and is averaging 102.8.  I see this as a closely fought battle with a lot of points being put up.


St. Louis Blues ML
- This Blues team is on fire right now going 9-1 over their last ten games.  Boston has been struggling just a little and has had some injuries but they are still a good team so small wager on this one. 

Also I have:
Nashville ML
Anaheim ML
Montreal ML

Put your money on good teams.  Don't over think it too much.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014 Sport Picks

Sorry for my late post.  This week I'm doing a lot of parlays and teasers but against the spread here are my picks:

Broncos +8.5
- Peyton Manning is on fire right now and coming off a huge game on the road.  St. Louis has a good defense and should play Denver tough at home but the Broncos are too good not to win this by at least 10. 

49ers -3.5
- This is another tough one.  I'm not betting it but after seeing SF last week I am a believer that they could make it back to the big game. 

Falcons -1.5
- Carolina is the worst team in the league and Cam Newton has given up.

Chiefs -1.5
- Kansas City is a really good coached team and they don't make mistakes.  They are really good at home.  Seattle isn't the same as they were last year.  They have some problems on defense and Wilson hasn't been as good. 

Bears -1.5
- I hate Chicago but they are in a good spot and need the win.  They will be motivated to win this game at home.

Browns -3.5
-This is an easy one.  Did you see how good the Browns were against the Bengals in Cincy?  This defense is for really and they have really good coaching.  Houston is starting Ryan Mallett at QB.  I can't even spell the guys name but I know he sucks.

Bucs +7.5
- I don't have any really feeling on this game but I like getting 7.5 points against a pretty crappy team.

Saints -7
- Saints at home against the crappy Bengals?  This one screams blowout with the Saints coming off a home loss.  They need to get back on track today. 

Chargers -10.5
- Raiders suck and the Chargers need a big win.  35-10 Chargers

Cardinals -1
- Easy one here.  The Cardinals are so good at home and Detroit is not good on the road.

Packers -5.5
- This is another easy one.  The Packers are my pick to go to the Super Bowl after seeing them completely dominant both sides of the ball last week.  The Eagles have a back up QB who is going to struggle today.

Colts -3
-Tough one but I just get a good feeling the Colts will take care of business at home.  New England is on fire lately so take that into account but home field advantage will be in play in this one. 


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday, November 8, 2014 Sport Picks

I know I know.  I haven't been on here for a while.  I've been better and this past week has not been great.  I went to Vegas last weekend and gambled.  Boy oh boy did I gamble.  I went out there with a total of $500.  I didn't bring my ATM card.  Lost $260 right away but after that I was on FIRE!  Arrived home on Tuesday morning at 6am and when I counted my money I counted $7,432.  Yep!  So it was a good weekend. I made another $3,500 trading stocks on Thurs/Friday so my luck seems be be continuing.  For Sunday I feel really good.  You don't want to pass on these picks.

Lions -2.5 (um, Calvin is back)

Chiefs -1 (this teams is on FIRE right now)

Steelers -3.5 (Big Ben and his receivers know what's up)

Broncos -11 (Dude, Peyton off a loss, He's pissed, Raiders totally suck balls.  This game says huge blow out, wtf)

Seahawks -9 (Giants were good earlier now they are not.  Seattle was bad earlier and now they got there shit together.  Seattle wins by 21 boys and girls.)

Packers -7.5 (I would buy 1 pt for -6.5).  Green Bay totally rocks and are at home.  Chicago is just average and hasn't played well.  I think we see GB win by 14 in this one but this is a one unit type play.

Eagles -7 - Eagles aren't great but yet they have a good defense and a serviceable offense.  I had them at -14 against the crap team called Carolina.  The Panthers suck so bad.  Just take the Eagles and thank me later!

Jonny G