Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jonny's Sports Picks on Sunday 9/14/14 NFL

Hello Everyone!!!

Time to get picks in now.  Here is what I'm going with on week 2 of the NFL:

Miami vs Buf under 42.5 $165 to win $150
- From what I saw on week one, both of these teams have a good defense and both of these teams like to run the ball.  They both have very good running backs so you know they are going to be handing the ball off.  This means the clock is going to be running.  Take the under!!!

Jacksonville +6 $110 to win $100
- The Jags have a good defense.  They have a good QB and good WRs!  They play a team that was good in the past but isn't as good today.  Washington has a bad defense and a QB that is totally over rated.  Being right early in the season is so important and you can make a lot money on this game if if go Jacksonville.  Trust Jonny G on this one!  

Titans -3.5 $165 to win $150
- Tennessee looked good last week vs. KC.  They have a very good Defense so we know they will be just fine in this one at home.  Dallas has one of the worst defenses I have ever seen.  Last week SF had no problem throwing on there inept secondary.  I know Dallas has a good offense but offense never wins games.  The Titans win by 14.  Go Big!!

Cardinals -2 $220 to win $200
- AZ looked good last week.  They just couldn't pull off the win on the road.  Tonight they play at home and they are motivated to win.  This team is balanced.  They have a great great defense.  They have a good QB and a wonderful team of both wide receivers and running backs.  This team is destined!  For stardom.....  San Diego is old and slow.  They are ok but they won't make the playoffs this year.  I like Rivers and Allen but overall they are just too old and slow.  Go AZ in this one!!!

Vikings +5.5 $330 to win $300
-  Wow, I'm going a lot on a Vikings team that doesn't have AP.  Um, why??  Because.  They don't need him.  They have a great coaching staff and are clicking as a team.  Plus, they have a dude named Patterson...  The Pats are on the downslide.  Go Vikes at home here.  Big time...  No brainer....

Saints / Bengals Parlay $150 to win $140
- I love both of these teams to win even though they both have tough matchups.  The Saints will not go 0-2.  Cleveland is better but I can't see them beating Brees and his weapons.  Cincinnati looked very good on the road last week against the Ravens and won that game.  Today they get a home game vs. the Falcons who beat the Saints.  But just know that home vs. away is huge in the NFL.  Atlanta just isn't the same on the road and the Bengals are really really good at home.  Easy Parlay with good odds!

Rams +5.5 $165 to win $150
- St. Louis got their asses kicked in by my Minnesota Vikings.  They just aren't as good as they were last year.  Last week tells that.  So don't think they will start playing like a super bowl champ!!  However..........  I'm taking them in this matchup.  Why??  Because they are playing Tampa Bay.  The Bucs are probably the worst team in the NFL this year.  They have no offense. Martin and Evans have really disappointed in my opinion and when that happens it is not good for a franchise.  This team is not going to do well this year.  Rams suck but they will stay close in this one.....

Seahawks -255 $255 to win $100
- Seattle is the best team in the NFL so I'm gong to be betting with them a lot.  San Diego is coming off a short week and that is never good for a team.  The Seahawks just had a long break and a lot of time to prepare for this game.  They are going to be ready for this game and most likely will blow out San Diego!  Rivers is good but he struggles under pressure and there is going to be a lot of pressure!!

Sea / GB Parlay $200 to win $103
- Green Bay is at home and they have had a lot of rest.  They don't lose two in a row very often.  They are playing a Jets team that is very very poorly coached.  They have no pass game and their defense has struggled this year.  Green Bay wins easily... Trust me, Jonny G........
GB / DEN Parlay $250 to win $110
- I really like both of these teams to win.  It would be unwise not to parlay them together.  Easy hundred bucks!!!

GB -8 $165 to win $150
- Green Bay and Rodgers rarely lose after a loss.  They are at home in this one and are playing a team that isn't very good.  I love Green Bay to win this this game and this bet is that they win by a decent amount.  They need this win and do not want to keep it close so I think they win by 10+  Easy win here!

Den -6.5 / Over 44 6.5 teaser $200 to win $167
- I won't be doing too many teasers but this one just seems like a good fit.  Denver is at home and we all know they are very capable of winning by 7 or more.  Last year they put up a lot of points and I think they were close to putting up 44 points alone!  KC has some injury concerns on defense so this game WILL go over 44.  I promise you all!!!  

Sun night:
49ers -7 $220 to win $200
- Did you see how good SF was last week??   They are going to win at home.  And they will win by more than 7.  Do you really need analysis?? 

Monday night pick will be posted later tonight or tomorrow and you do not want to miss that pick!  The monday night pick is the money pick.  Wooooahh.  

Jonny G

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014 Sports Picks

I have a few quality picks today.  I'm liking a few games a lot today.  Here they are people:

Padres vs. Twins under 8.5 EVEN $400 to win $400
- Wind is blowing in.  Correia has pitched well of late.  He has given up more than two earned runs in only three of his last ten starts.  For the Padres, Despaigne has a 2.68 ERA on the season.  The Twins have never faced him so that gives him a slight edge. 

Rays vs. A's under 7 -105 $210 to win $200
- I really like this pitching matchup.  Hellickson vs. Gray.  Hellickson has a 3.29 ERA and Gray sports a fancy 2.59 ERA.  Both guys have good stats against their opponent.  Hellickson's last game against the A's he pitched seven strong innings giving up just three hits and no runs.  Gray's last start against the Rays he pitched eight innings giving up just five hits and one run.  Oakland is a pitcher's park and losing Cespedes has affected their offensive production.  In August they have scored 0, 8, 2, 3, 3 averaging 3.2 runs per game.  Four of those five games were under 7 for both teams combined.  This one figures to be another low scoring game.

White Sox RL -105 $315 to win $300
- Chris Sale has been one of the best pitchers in the game this year.  On the season he is 10-1 with a 2.09 ERA.  He has been consistant and has a 2.24 ERA at home and a 2.17 ERA in day games.  Texas has struggled lately and is sitting in last place in the AL West.  They have won just three games in their last ten.  Tepesch hasn't been good this year.  He has a 4.84 ERA on the season, 5.75 road ERA and a whopping 7.07 ERA in day games.  He didn't fare too well against the Sox in his only start against them (6.2 innings, 8 hits, 5 runs).

Brewers ML -135 $270 to win $200
- Milwaukee is in first place in the NL Central and their ace is on the mound.  They are only favored at -135?  That is confusing to me but I'll take advantage of it.  Gallardo is on fire coming off two outstanding starts where he pitched 7.2 and 7 innings giving up four hits in each game and no runs.  He is locked in right now.  The Brewers offense is playing well also averaging five runs per game in August.  For San Fransisco, Volgelsong has been okay and is coming off a complete game win against the Mets.  Before that game, Volgelsong has giving up runs of 4, 3, 2, 3 in his prior four starts.  Not too bad but I'll take my chances with the better team, at home with their ace.  

Angels ML -140 $700 to win $500
- I know I'm going a lot on this game but I couldn't resist.  The Angel's offense has been on fire lately, especially Trout and Pujols.  Dan Haren has been very bad lately and I'm surprised he is still in the Dodger's rotation.  Over his last ten starts, Haren's ERA has gone from 3.49 to 4.76.  He has a 5.40 road ERA and now has to play one of the best teams in baseball with the league's best hitter.  Good luck son!  For the Angels, Shoemaker is serviceable.  He is 9-3 with a 4.09 ERA.  He has pitched well over his last five starts giving up just 10 runs in 27.2 innings lowering his ERA over that stretch. He has a very good 2.84 ERA at home this season.  This should be a fun game to watch and I fully expect the Angels to take care of business.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 3, 2014 Sports Picks

Here are my picks today:

Rangers vs. Indians under 7 $110 to win $100
- Darvish vs. Bauer.  We all  know what Darish is capable of.  He loves pitching during the day (1.24 ERA).  Bauer has been good of late and averages more than nine strike outs per nine innings over the past 30 days.  Texas' offense has struggled mightily lately. 

Phillies vs. Nationals under 6.5 $110 to win $100
- Hamels vs. Strasburg.  I don't like to put up big money on over / unders but this pitching matchup in the National League is hard to ignore.  Hamels has a 2.55 ERA on the season and a 1.47 ERA over the last 30 days.  He has a 1.98 ERA in day games.  Strasburg has a career ERA of 2.41 against the Phillies and 2.62 ERA at home. 

White Sox ML -150 $300 to win $200
- I lost this bet yesterday but the Sox again have the pitching edge and are home.  Quintana has a 2.20 ERA over the last 30 days. He also likes pitching during the day (2.53 ERA).  For the Twins, Gibson is capable of putting up a quality start but he has struggled a bit over the last 30 days (4.64 ERA).  He struggled a bit in his only start against the Sox (4.76 ERA).  Gibson also hasn't performed as well on the road (4.43 ERA). 

I'll add a few more games soon.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 2, 2014 Sports Picks

Here are my picks for today.  Nothing really stood out initially but that is why you do research :)

A's ML -165 $330 to win $200
- Jon Lester makes his first start for Oakland and you know he will want to make a good first impression.  Lester is 10-7 with a 2.52 ERA.  And that is pitching in hitter friendly Fenway Park.  He is now pitching in pitcher friendly Oakland Coliseum.  Over the last 30 days Lester is 1-0 with a 0.93 ERA in 29 innings.  He has 34 strike outs over that span so he has been pretty dominant.  For Kansas City, Jason Vargas has had a good season going 8-4 with a 3.31 ERA but he hasn't pitched since July 8th so he could be a bit rusty.  Also, Oakland has a 34-18 record at home.

O's ML -110 $330 to win $300
- I like that Baltimore is only a -110 favorite at home.  The Orioles are in first place in the East and have won seven of their last ten games.  The Mariners have only won three of their last ten games.  Miguel Gonzalez is 1-0 with a 1.82 ERA over the last 30 days.  For Seattle, James Paxton was having a very good start (2.25 ERA) but he hasn't pitched since April 8th.  He is likely to have some rust and/or only pitch five innings max.  I think the O's have a big edge in this one. 

Indians RL +115 $100 tow in $115
- I'm staying with the Indians after they won 12-1 last night.  Texas has not played well of late and they have a pitcher going who has a 8.54 ERA.  Mikolas has had one good start this year but for the most part he has struggled.  For Cleveland, House is nothing special but Texas just can't hit right now. 

White Sox ML -115 $115 to win $100
- Carroll hasn't pitched great this year (4.29 ERA) but over the last 30 days he has a 2.38 ERA.  He also pitched very well against the Twins in his last start against them giving up just four hits and one run in six strong innings. 

I may add a game or two shortly.


Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1, 2014 Sports Picks

Here are my picks today:

Cardinals ML -155 $310 to win $200
Dodgers ML -150 $150 to win $100
Braves ML -130 $130 to win $100
O's ML -140 $140 to win $100
Indians RL EVEN $150 to win $150
Blue Jays ML -105 $210 to win $200
White Sox RL -140 $140 to win $100
A's RL -115 $115 to win $100

I didn't have time to do my normal write up.  I'll have a detailed report tomorrow.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014 Sports Picks

I've been struggling a little bit but the games haven't been easy to predict lately.  Tonight I hope to turn things around.  Here are my picks today:

Nationals vs. Marlins under 7 $110 to win $100
- Henderson Alvarez is having a really good season.  He has a 2.62 ERA on the season and has pitched in a lot of games that ended under 7.  He has a 1.64 ERA at home and a 2.48 ERA in night games.  In his last start against Washington he gave up just five hits and no runs in five innings.  Stephen Strasburg hasn't had a great season but has a 3.67 ERA this season and 3.58 ERA over the last 30 days.  I really wanted to take the Marlins in this one based on the pitching stats but I just can't bet against Stasburg. 

Giants ML -115 $230 to win $200
- The Giants have lost five straight and Pittsburgh has won two straight and seven of their last ten games but Giants are only two games back in the division and won't lose every game the rest of the season.  Its call regression to the mean.  San Fran needs and win and what better time to do it than tonight!  Tim Hudson is having a great season.  He has a 2.65 ERA on the season, 2.76 ERA over the last 30 days and 1.97 ERA in night games.  Liriano has struggled all year.  He is just 2-7 with a 4.18 ERA.  He has been pitching well over his last two starts so could pull a great performance but he has really struggled against San Fran in his career (7.20 ERA).  I would consider the under 6.5 (EVEN) as well.

Tigers ML -160 $160 to win $100
- Detroit has a big pitching advantage with Sanchez vs. Quintana.  These pitchers have pretty even stats this year but I like getting Detroit at only -160 with one of the best pitchers in the game going at home. 

A's -210 $420 to win $200
- Oakland fought hard last night but came up short.  Tonight they have a huge edge in the pitching and hitting departments.  Samardzjia has a 2.80 ERA on the season.  Houston's Feldman has struggled at home this year with a 5.37 ERA.  He has a 6.34 ERA against Oakland in this career.  He just pitched against the A's on July 24th and gave up nine hits and six runs in five innings in a 13-1 loss.  The RL at -135 looks pretty attractive as well.


Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 Sports Picks

I have a few picks for tonight.  I'm going with these tonight:

Rockies vs. Cubs over 7.5 $165 to win $150
- The wind is blowing in at around 10mph but I don't think this will affect the over/under too much tonight.  Both pitchers are inexperienced and have ERA's of 5.00 and 7.20. 

Rangers -155 $155 to win $100
- Yu Darish is pitching and the Rangers need a win. 

Brewers +126 $100 to win $126
- Lohse is having another good year and he is 11-4 with a 3.07 ERA.  He has a 2.92 career ERA against the Rays.  Jake Odorizzi is just 6-8 with a 3.97 ERA.