Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday October 21, 2014 Sport Picks

I've been on a bit of a roll and I hope to keep it going tonight.  World Series Game 1!  Both teams had some time off which is not good for hitters.  I was very impressed with the Royals in their two series so far.  If this game was played on Friday I would take the Royals but with the time off I am going with the Giants.

Giants EVEN $300 to win $300
- I just can't bet against Bumgarner even though he didn't look great in two of his three postseason starts.  But he still has an ERA of just 1.72 so far in the postseason.  He has been really good on the road this year (2.22 ERA) and is on regular rest.  The Giants can flat out hit.  They impressed me so much.  Hunter Pence is on fire right now and they have plenty of other bats in their lineup.  The same could be said about the Royals offense but with the time off I think they struggle in this cool weather. 

I'm hestitant about the under but I'm going to go with:

Under 6.5 -120 for $120 to win $100
-Shields has struggled in the playoffs in this career.  I think the Giants get up 3-0 early and they won't allow the Royal's stud relief pitchers to really be a factor in this one.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday October 20, 2014 Sport Picks

Tonight's game is hard to predict.  The Steelers have been good on Monday night but they just haven't played very well.  Houston has a great running game and a great defensive player in JJ Watt.  Here is what I'm going with tonight:

Texans +9.5 / Over 37.5 6.5 teaser -120 $360 to win $300

Good luck all.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday October 19, 2014 Sport Picks

I know I'm late in getting my picks in but here is what I'm going with today:

Colts -3 EVEN
Titans +6
Bears -3
Packers -6.5
Falcons +6.5
Vikings +7

Sunday Night:

Broncos -295 $295 to win $100
49ers +13.5 / Over 40.5 6.5 teaser -120 $180 to win $150
Broncos / 49ers over 47.5 $165 to win $150

I think this is going to be a close high scoring game.  Denver will win but not by more than 7.  I took the teaser to give myself some extra points.   I am a big fan of both teams.  Manning is the best of all time and Kaepernick and the niners looked very good last week.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday October 18, 2014 Sport Picks

I have a ton of picks for Saturday.  It was all about feeling and experience.  Researach only gets you so much.  You need to have the passion and experience for each team to envision what will happen.  I know what will happen this Saturday and here are my picks!

WV +7.5 vs. Baylor $220 to win $200
- Don't miss out on this game.  West Virginia is good at home and Baylor isn't as good on the road.  This is a great opp to make a few extra bucks taking the pick that the sharps are on.  The public usually is wrong and the public is all over Baylor.  Take WV for an easy win.

Gophers -6.5 / under 55.5 7 pt teaser 195 to win 150
- Minnesota is playing really good ball lately and last week they took care of a very good NW team.  Purdue is bad and I can't see them scoring more than 14 in this game.  The Gophers will score at least 28.

Iowa +7.5 (buy 2 pts son) -170 at MD $340 to win $200
- I'm looking to guarantee myself a win.  Iowa is a very solid team with a great defense.  Maryland is good as well so this is going to be a battle.  I have no idea who will win but I know it will be a close game and 7 pts is enough for Iowa to stay within for a nice win for me!  :)

NC St +18 -111 $222 to win $200 vs. Louisville
- NC St almost beat the #1 team in the country a few weeks ago and now they a+re 18 pt underdogs a team that just lost there QB.  I'm confused?  So I'll take NC state.  If I'm wrong then its on me.

I'm skipping all the amazing teasers I have but let me tell you a few of the teams I'm adding 10 or 7  pts to on teasers:

WV & under
Ark & under
Cincy & under
TX A&M & Under

Other games I'm going with (average of $170 per game):

Nevada +12 vs. BYU
Cal +6.5 vs. UCLA
OKL -7 vs. K St
Tenn +16.5 at Miss
MO +5.5 at FL
OKL ST. +10 at TCU
Notre Dame! +10.5 at FSU


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday October 16, 2014 Sport Picks

Yesterday didn't go so well for me but I think tonight is going to be a great night.

Here are my picks:

SF Giants -145 $290 to win $200 vs. SL
- I can't not bet on the Giants when Bumgarner is pitching.  The guy is a man among boys and the Cardinals have and will struggle against him tonight.  Wainwright hasn't been good over his last two starts and the Giants are hitting the ball really hard. 

SF Giants vs. Cardinals under 6 -105 52.50 to win $50
- Big time pitchers dual but the bats have been alive so I just can't bet to much but the numbers say this will be low scoring.

VT -1 $105 to win $100 vs. Pitt
- Virginia Tech has been good on the road and Pitt has struggled over their last two games.  I really like the Hokies to take care of business on the road tonight.

VT +5.5 / Over 39 6.5 teaser -120 $180 to win $150
- Both teams has been putting up points.  Historically these teams are defensive minded but not this year!

New England Patriots -9.5 $165 to win $150
- Tom Brady and the Patriots have been on fire lately.  Ever since they were home underdogs vs. Cincinnati they have been taking it out on teams.  Tonight will be no different.  These teams do not like each other and New England is the much better team and are at home on a Thursday.  The Jets don't have a chance

Patriots -2.5 / Over 37 7 pt teaser -130 $260 to win $200
- I wanted to go the over 44 but I just couldn't pull the trigger so this teaser looks really good to me.

Utah -2 $110 to win $100
- Utah is much better than Oregon St this year so I'll take a chance on the road favorite.  


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday October 15, 2014 Sport Picks

I am loving the baseball playoffs so far.  They are entertaining and close.  I also loved watching the Monday night football game last night.  Both teams were super fast and were hitting super hard.  Did anyone else know that?  Kaepernick didn't have much time in the pocket but he made things happen.  It was a great performance on his part.  He sure loves playing indoors on that turf.  For Wednesday, here are the plays I'm going with:

Cardinals +105 $200 to win $210
- St. Louis needs this win and is the better team in this series.  Both teams have been playing at a high level but I love Wong, Carpenter and Adams.  All left handed hitters who get to go against a right handed pitcher in Vogelsong.  Ryan Vogelsong hasn't pitched very well this year but is coming off a good start.  I'm pretty sure that won't be repeated tonight.  He has a 6.17 ERA against the Giants in his career and has struggled a bit lately.  He is 0-3 with a 5.06 ERA over the past 30 days.  Plus left handed hitters have hit much better against him than right (.287 ave. for L vs. .223 for R).  The Cardinals have a lot of good left handed hitters as I have mentioned.  For the Cardinals, Shelby Miller has had an up and down year but he has been pitching very well of late.  He has given up more than two earned runs in only one of his last seven starts (3 ER).   Miller has pitched extremely well of late and has a 1.46 ERA against SF in his career (only two starts).  I like the Cardinals chances in this one to even up the series.

Cardinals vs. Giants under 7 EVEN $150 to win $150
-Last night we saw 9 runs scored but we are in a pitcher's park in the national league in cool weather.  Both pitchers have the ability to pitch well and I think this game will finish at something like 4-2 (Cards).  But I must admit it was impressive on how hard the Giant's hit the ball in first inning last night.  Pence had a great double down the right field line on an 0-2 pitch.  I don't have a whole lot of research that goes into this pick..I just have a feeling about it. 

I may have a pick on the Royals vs. O's game once the line has been posted.  


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday October 11, 2014 Sport Picks

This is going to be a great day.  So many amazing games today.  I couldn't pass up making a lot of selections today.  Here is what I'm going with today.  Oh boy!!

NW +3.5 $330 at MN #1
FL St -23 at Syr $220 #5
GT -3.5 vs. Duke $220 #3
Wisc vs ILL over 57.5 $110 #9
MIA -16.5 vs. Cincy $110 #10
Missouri +3 vs. Georgia $220 #6.1 (huge game)

Mich St -21 at Ill $220 #7
NC St -4 vs. BC $165 #4
Okl St vs. Kan over 48.5 $110 #6.3
Baylor vs. TCU over 65 $165 #8.2
Miss ST +3 vs. Auburn (Game of the day) $220 #4
Miss St +9.5 / Over 57.5 6.5 teaser $180 #5
Arkansas +9 vs. Alabama $220 (5pm) #6.2
Oregon -3 -105 $21 to win $200 at UCLA #8.1
NC at ND under 64 $330 #2

FL vs. LSU over 47 $220 (different than my first thought but I changed my mind)
TX A&M -3 -105 vs. Miss $210
TX A&M over 66 $110
SF Giants +115 $200 (Bumgarner!!) - I need this game in (7pm)

Arizona +3 $220 vs. USC

I think with is going to a huge day!  This is the week to do it.  Its close to half way and teams have been establishing what they want to do this year and have shown how they will most likely end up the rest of the year!  Big Money coming!

Jonny G